‘Darshna’ – Davey’s Townhouse as the name gives it away is the town residence of Karthik and Ingrid Davey who are ardent dog lovers and share a passion for the outdoors. Though they spend most of their time at their safari homestay called Dhole’s Den in Bandipur National Park, they frequent Mysore every week.

Ingrid is a banker by profession while Karthik is a tour operator organising private tours for Europeans into India. It’s his dream to work from almost anywhere on earth.

Ingrid loves to paint what she sees or photographs. There are many paintings of her adorning the walls of the townhouse and the lodge in Bandipur.

Karthik enjoys travel, photography, wine and cheese and movies. But his greatest love are his hounds who occupy prime place in his day.

Asked by many for a space to stay with their canine and furry kids and sadly unable to offer the same at Bandipur, we decided to open up the townhouse to welcome humans and pets alike and offer the same luxury to both.

Davey’s Townhouse is a modern interpretation of home and places design in the forefront of your stay but not letting functionality left far behind.


Davey’s Townhouse carries the name Darshna. It means philosophy in Sanskrit and also outlook and a manifestation to adore, making it a word that explains ones outlook and even introspection.

Situated just 8 kms from the Railway station in Mysore at the edge of the city it’s offers a convenient base to explore the sights and life of Mysore a royal city. We offer breakfast to our guests and are glad to reserve a tabe in the various restaurants in Mysore for lunch and dinner.